“The ultimate guilty pleasure” – Read the first reactions to the Rampage movie

What do you get when you cross The Rock and Negan with a 20-foot gorilla and a flying wolf? Rampage, that’s what. It sounds like proper rip-roaring popcorn fare too. Don’t take my word for it, listen to the lucky ones who managed to snag a place at the world premiere in LA…

Does it break the video game movie curse? According to some, absolutely. You may want hold to fire on declaring this the best video game movie (opens in new tab) – as the rest of the reactions range from the monster movie being big, dumb fun to being ridiculous. Which, as we all know, is code for an enjoyable, but ultimately forgettable flick. Read on for all of the major reactions: the good, the bad, and the monkey.

RAMPAGE is the ultimate guilty pleasure. Brad Peyton has created a big budget B movie & Dwayne Johnson delivers his most outrageous performance to date. #Rampage is the ultimate monster movie and is non-stop campy fun. Did I mention that Dwayne Johnson fights a giant flying wolf? pic.twitter.com/0aFNqnxRl75 April 2018

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Excited to say that @rampagethemovie is the film that breaks the video game movie curse. It’s super silly, but also a ton of fun – particularly driven by the charisma of Dwayne Johnson & Jeffrey Dean Morgan (who need to start making a lot more movies together). pic.twitter.com/QVnFAARfUI5 April 2018

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Just screened #RampageMovie at #WarnerBros screening room and had an absolutely blast. It’s action packed, hilarious at times, knows when to be serious and when to go over the top. Seems to have gone over well with the attendees present. You’ll like monkeying around with George! pic.twitter.com/4XFhTKxurV4 April 2018

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Everyone go see @rampagethemovie it’s badass @TheRock pic.twitter.com/qPyNHWYezr5 April 2018

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All I heard from other audience members while watching #Rampage last night was “this is f—— awesome.” It’s ridiculous and entertaining and @JDMorgan’s character is so much fun to watch. @TheRock #RampageMovie5 April 2018

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Rampage is ridiculous and fun! It’s a big movie, kind of like Transformers, back in the days when they were pretty good, but with giant monsters. Rampage embraces what it is visciously well, so that @TheRock and @JDMorgan can be epic on screen! Buckle up. pic.twitter.com/NhtyeuY3eS5 April 2018

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#Rampage certainly doesn’t break the video game movie curse and has some of the worst villains I’ve seen on screen this year (and I saw Ready Player One) but it’s enjoyable in a disposable sense. I cared more about the Rock/ape relationship than I did the city smashing.5 April 2018

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There you have it. The general consensus is that The Rock, yet again, has knocked it out of the park and is cementing himself as the most marketable name in Hollywood. Big gorillas and smashing up skyscrapers shouldn’t work anymore; Dwayne Johnson’s presence says otherwise.

While Avengers: Infinity War (opens in new tab) casts a looming shadow over the next few months, it appears that Rampage has cornered the market for those wanting something a little different, harkening back to a time filled with fewer Infinity Stones (opens in new tab) and more monkeys going bananas.

It’s also great to hear Jeffrey Dean Morgan break off his Negan shackles by, uhh, playing a charismatic villain who oozes charm and menace. Hey, at least he didn’t bring his baseball bat along for the ride this time. We think.

The Rock is continuing to grow away from the wrestling ring, but what about others who walkedthe same path? Here are the 10 best wrestlers-turned-actors. (opens in new tab)

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