The Outer Worlds speedrun clocks in at under 25 minutes

The Outer Worlds (opens in new tab) is by no means a short game – GamesRadar’s Alex Avard says you should expect to dedicate about 25-30 hours for the campaign. That said, apparently it’s entirely possible to zoom through the story in less than half an hour, as one particularly efficient speedrunner recently managed to complete the main quest in exactly 24:21.

For what it’s worth, speedrunner It’s Jabo (opens in new tab) wasn’t aiming for 100% completion, instead choosing to rush through the campaign as efficiently as possible. Still, it’s an impressive show of combat finesse and familiarity with the map. Even more impressive is how the speedrunner is able to engage in unrelated conversations – both jocular and quite serious – with the comment stream while executing his speedrun with exact precision.

The sub-25-minute run comes shortly after an also-impressive 31-minute run by the same speedrunner. In that previous video, It’s Jabo said it was an early run and that more attempts were to come. Only two days later, the speedrunner broke his own record by a substantial margin, shaving roughly six minutes off the first run. It’s Jabo says they employed a number of tricky methods to maximize time.

“So this run utilises a lot of new tricks, first of all, we have the jump at the start of Monarch that skips running around the entire level – this saves around 90 seconds but makes fighting in the later sections a little bit harder as we are unable to get the revolver Mk2,” reads the YouTube video description.

If you like visually digesting games in bite-sized formats, watch someone honk through Untitled Goose Game in less than four minutes (opens in new tab), and if you’re just landing your first spaceship, be sure to consult our Outer Worlds tips (opens in new tab)

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