The Last Guardian devs have put up a new teaser – meet a different kind of Beauty and Beast

The studio behind The Last Guardian may be teasing its next project. Just over a year after The Last Guardian (opens in new tab) arrived on PS4, Gen Design updated its website (opens in new tab) with well-wishes for the New Year and a verrrrry long image. You can see part of it embedded above, here’s more. 

A young woman on a stone dais stares at a giant shrouded in shadow.

Most of the image is darkness with a few birds circling around a pillar of light. The source is found at the base of the image: a young woman lifting herself up from a stone dais. Her nigh-luminescence and white gown evoke Yorda from Ico, which was also directed by Gen Design founder Fumito Ueda, though the stark shadows indicate that she’s reflecting light rather than emitting it. A series of steps leads down and to the right, where something big rests on the landing. Something a bit furry? Not Trico furry, no, but it has a good coat going on. And instead of weird dog-bird paws, this thing has a hand. There also might be a leg and even a chin, but it’s too dark to be sure.

ResetEra (opens in new tab) user Rösti poked a bit deeper into the image’s source script, which revealed a layer named “Beauty and the Beast 2018.” Don’t get your hopes up about a title reveal, that’s probably just a codename or overt reference to the image’s contents (though I wouldn’t be surprised if Disney’s lawyers are already drafting up the C&D letter just in case).

The Last Guardian took seven years to arrive after it was first announced in 2009. Hopefully the turnaround time on this new project – whatever it turns out to be – is much shorter!

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