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Destiny Golden Chests Location Guide

One of the better-kept secrets in Destiny (opens in new tab) is the existence of five Golden Chests on each planet, as other than a small notification on your map screen when you start collecting them there’s very little to make these containers stand out as important. However, each one …

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Destiny: Xur weapons, gear, and location, March 17 – 19. Telesto!

Xur, Destiny (opens in new tab)’s travelling weekend Exotic trader, premier fashioner of automated musical art installations, and maker of the finest cup of tea in Earth’s northern hemisphere (some of the guys over at Proxima Centauri have slightly got the edge, due to their advanced quantum straining technology), is …

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Destiny Festival of the Lost 2016 trailer and start date

Destiny (opens in new tab)’s Halloween event is coming back for its third year and Guardians around the world are getting ready to exchange mass quantities of blood-candy for garish headgear. Bungie’s put out a new trailer for The Festival of the Lost and sent along some new details: all …

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