Star Fox 64 3D: Nintendo deploys Special Vehicles clip

Nintendo released this short clip of Star Fox 64 3D to remind you that the game’s not all talking animals exchanging action-movie pleasantries in spaceships. Oh no, there’s also talking animals trading warm-hearted banter in tanks, and talking animals in submarines feebly making excuses for the dire underperformance of said submarines (on the plus side, keep shooting, because you’ve got lots of torpedoes). But hey, don’t those landmaster levels look better than ever?

Does this clip make you look forward to Star Fox 64 3D’s vehicular levels? Even the submarine bits? Did you also notice how Fox’s rerecorded voice sounds like he’s fighting off a minor cold? Hopefully he’ll get some rest in before the game’s September 9 release.

Aug 23, 2011

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