Marvels Spider-Man PS5 sequel will reportedly launch next year, with Venom and Carnage as major villains

A new Spider-Man 2 rumour doing the rounds on Reddit (opens in new tab) claims that the sequel to Insomniac Games’ PS4 exclusive is already well underway at the studio, and scheduled to release on PS5 (opens in new tab) next year. 

The Reddit post cites an anonymous source from within Insomniac Games, and corroborates previous rumours that the Spider-Man PS4 (opens in new tab) sequel will take place shortly after the events of the first game, set during the Winter months and expanding the open world to include the Queens and Brooklyn regions of New York City. 

Be warned; the leak assumes you’ve played the game and are familiar with the Spider-Man PS4 ending (opens in new tab), so full spoilers are abound. 

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According to this rumour, Harry Osbourne – Peter Parker’s best friend largely MIA from the events of the first game – will play a major role in the Spider-Man PS5 sequel (opens in new tab), in a new twist on the antihero Venom (opens in new tab), while classic comic book antagonists Carnage and Mysterio will also appear. 

Returning character Miles Morales will once again feature heavily in the story, and can be played as during certain sections, though apparently Insomniac remains “unsure whether to let the player free roam as him”, though the post assures that the idea hasn’t been “thrown out completely just yet.”

Lastly, the game’s web-swinging has apparently been completely overhauled, featuring a new “web-chain” mechanic, more responsive animations, and three different types of swing modes; Realistic, Arcade, and Hybrid.

It goes without saying that you should take all of this with a healthy dose of salt but, given that previous rumours (seen below) have also suggested similar things about Insomniac’s super-shaped follow-up, these latest rumours are certainly worth bearing in mind for now. 

See original story below:

A leak has surfaced on Reddit that claims a sequel to Marvel’s Spider-Man (opens in new tab) is in the works and may release “Holiday 2021.” Reddit user v17447377 (opens in new tab) posted the leak, which claims to be from a source “close to Insomniac games”, and lists story content and features that are said to be in the game alongside the 2021 release date window. 

As with all leaks, the credibility of this information should be taken with a huge pinch of salt, but it certainly throws out some interesting directions a Spider-Man sequel could go in after the success of the web-slinging antics of the first. 

According to the leak, our reunion with Peter Parker will take place in another open-world Manhattan area that has expanded from the first game to include Queens and Brooklyn. The leak also claims that it takes place over the wintertime, and goes on to list some “sparse” story details. Oscorp is said to play a major role in the sequel, with mentions of cloning and nods towards the Marvel Universe outside of Spider-Man’s web. 

The leak also suggests that while Peter Parker will remain as the focus of the story, it will include more sections dedicated to Miles, who plays an integral role in the narrative. Interestingly, it also poses the idea that a “Diablo” esque dungeon mechanic will feature in the rumoured Spider-Man 2 for randomized crimes, saying it will spawn “in different types of crimes in different situations with randomized encounters.” 

The post ends with the claim that Insomniac is doing “major engine work” and “adopting more technological advances” such as photogrammetry. If the sequel is in development, the release date window would likely place it on the PS5 (opens in new tab), Sony’s upcoming next-gen console slated for release at the end of this year. 

Again, there’s little evidence to back up this leak and there’s every chance these are a series of educated guesses. The reason we’re flagging it though is that the Reddit user in question recently posted a leak that claimed (opens in new tab) the (now confirmed) Resident Evil 3 Remake (opens in new tab) was on the way ahead of Capcom’s official announcement. This doesn’t necessarily mean that this leak is also true, but it does suggest this leaker has form.

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