Skarlet DLC to give Mortal Kombat exactly what it needs: more blood

Get a load of Skarlet, the upcoming downloadable character for the recently released Mortal Kombat reboot from NetherRealm Studios. Originally born as a glitch in Mortal Kombat II that turned certain characters red (hint: they were girls), Skarlet looks to be getting her own place in the series%26rsquo; cannon. Dazzle at the above video in all of its bloody combo glory.

Not much is known about a price or timing for the new character, but the end of the teaser clearly states that she%26rsquo;ll be playable at next week%26rsquo;s E3 trade show in Los Angeles. Hopefully, we%26rsquo;ll be able to quickly figure out how to get her to ooze into the floor like in the video. We%26rsquo;ve been trying to do it for years on our own with no luck, so we suppose that somebody has to.

Above: Yes, it%26rsquo;s possible to make Mortal Kombat even bloodier

Okay, Mortal Kombat. We get the fact that folks get punched, kicked, sliced, chopped and mutilated in a ton of ways. It makes that blood fly, and that blood sure is fun. Know what we think you need, though? Somebody dripping in blood. Nay, how about a fighter made of blood? Got one of those lying around?

May 31, 2011

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