The Sims 3 World Adventures Guide: Champs Les Sims

Champs Les Sims is a city of culture, fine nectar, and mystery! What’s hidden in the Chateau du Landgraab? Is there something lurking underneath La Gallerie d’Art? Find out with this guide, and raise your travel Visa enough to buy a vacation home in France! Now, which way to the Nectary?

Welcome to Champs Les Sims, home to the Nectary, La Gallerie d’Art, and the mysterious Chateau du Landgraab. There’s plenty of adventure to be had here, so make sure you’re stocked up on dried food and showers in a can. If you’ve already done the missions in our Shang Simla guide, you’ll likely have already reached Visa Level 1 in France, as well as having the handy Axe of Pangu to smash boulders. If not, you’ll still be able to get to Visa Level 3 with this guide, as well as getting filthy rich off the treasure you’ll find! Check the adventure board in front of your home base to get started.

A Trivial Affair

Jeannine Lambert wants a brave adventurer to help her out, so report in to get started. Jeannine lost an object in the Celtic Ruins at the Forgotten Burial Mound, and she wants you to travel there and find it. Head to the ruins.

Forgotten Burial Mound

There’s a staircase leading underground just off the actual mound; descend it. Clear the pile of rubble and inspect the wall behind it. Go through the secret door and stand on the panel. Enter the unlocked door. You can clear the rubble for some loot, and grab the Ancient Coins in this room before standing on the foot panel. A hole will appear in the wall in front of you, so inspect it to unlock the door to your left. Enter the door.

Clear the piles of rubble and collect the heart keystone and treasure. Inspect the wall with the half-circle carpet in front of it to find another hidden door. Grab the treasure from the room behind it and then use the keystone and go through the unlocked door. Pull the furthest statue on the left onto the panel, and enter the newly unlocked door. Grab the Ancient Coins and inspect the hole in the wall to open up a shortcut back out; that will make it easier to backtrack later. Pull a statue onto the visible panel on the floor. Another panel will reveal itself across the room; pull the other statue onto it, and then stand on the foot panel. A staircase will open in the floor. Go downstairs.

There’s a lot of treasure in this room if you can navigate the labyrinth within. Simply look around and click on the object you want, and your Sim will head right to it. Be sure to grab the heart keystone and use it in the door across the room. Loot the treasure chest in the small room and back out again. Pull the statue near where you came downstairs onto the panel to unlock another door, and go through it. There’s a ton of treasure in here as well, so loot the room and inspect the glowing hole in the floor to find the missing item Jeannine wanted. A secret door will open to the left; there’s a treasure chest in there to loot. Then go through the other door in the tombstone room. Go up the stairs and stand on the panel for a shortcut out. Report back to Jeannine for your reward.

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