Sienna Miller reveals “hysterical” reasons she and Ben Affleck had no chemistry in Live by Night

Sienna Miller has opened up about her “hysterical” lack of chemistry with co-star Ben Affleck in their 2016 film Live by Night.

While appearing on The Drew Barrymore Show (opens in new tab) recently, the American Sniper actor recalled what it was like working with the Batman star on the crime drama, and tried to come up with reasons as to why the duo appeared so ill-matched as a couple onscreen.

“Ben Affleck was like my brother [on set],” Miller told the eponymous host. “I’ve never laughed so much in my life. I mean that sounds like a ridiculous thing to say and like a name-dropping thing to say, but I actually mean it.”

Based on Dennis Lehane’s 2012 novel of the same name, Live by Night follows a bunch of Boston-bred bootleggers who try to set up shop in Florida during the Prohibition era, and find themselves in competition with the Ku Klux Klan. Affleck, who also wrote and directed the flick, played war veteran-turned-gangster Johnny Coughlin, while Miller portrayed Johnny’s partner Emma Gould.

Elle Fanning, Chris Messina, Chris Cooper, Brendan Gleeson, and Guardians of the Galaxy’s Zoe Saldaña rounded out the cast.

“We had zero chemistry whatsoever,” Miller laughed during the new interview. “We were supposed to be in love. We could not be less attracted to each other, which was hysterical. 

“He has an enormous head, I have a small one, so they’d have to like put me slightly ahead of him… and he directed the movie and I could barely look at him for laughing the whole time.”

Miller will next be seen opposite Naomi Scott, Rupert Friend, and Michelle Dockery in upcoming drama series Anatomy of a Scandal, which releases on Netflix on April 15. In it, she plays Sophie Whitehouse, a woman whose life is turned upside down when her politician husband is accused of a shocking crime. 

Across the show’s six episodes, Sophie must determine whether James’ protestations of innocence are genuine, or if he’s been pretending to be someone he’s not this whole time. While we wait to see her verdict, check out our list of best Netflix shows to watch right now.

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