Shigeru Miyamoto crushes every child’s dream as he describes Nintendo HQ as “a bit boring”

Nintendo icon Shigeru Miyamoto disclosed that he believes the Nintendo offices “might seem a bit boring”, especially if a child were to visit them. 

The secretive offices which are located in Kyoto, Japan look like most corporate buildings in the city, and is only identifiable due to the subtle Nintendo logo which is presented on the front of the building. The inside remains mostly a mystery however according to Miyamoto, the inside reception area could double as a hospital waiting room due to how “simple and clean” it is.

Miyamoto began to discuss how the building is laid out in an interview with The New Yorker stating that “the unique creative work takes place within each person. It doesn’t require a unique-looking environment”. Although employees are welcome to bring in personal possessions to their desk, Miyamoto states that many don’t due to moving desks so frequently with each new project. 

Thanks to a video posted on the official Nintendo YouTube channel in 2018, fans got a small glimpse of the mysterious building from the inside. However due to the confidential nature of the company; the video only showcased the reception area, Tatami room where staff are able to relax during the day, and a small corner of the cafeteria, which Miyamoto mentions has good lighting and good food. 

The tour also showcases just how much Nintendo’s presence is felt the area with Kansai Airport (the closest Airport to the headquarters) overflowing with references to the video game company from welcome signs, Mario photo opportunities and even a “Nintendo Check In” area for visitors to play the likes of Mario Kart 8 and Kirby Star Allies whilst waiting for their flights.

Shigeru Miyamoto also touched upon his work with Universal Studios and the development of Super Nintendo Land which is due to open February 4 2021.

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