Shadow Complex 2 was shelved for Infinity Blade

Shadow Complex was a big success for Chair Entertainment and its owner Epic Games, so it%26rsquo;s not surprising that last March Chair%26rsquo;s creative director Donald Mustard promised (opens in new tab) the company would be delivering a follow-up. Speaking today at GDC Europe, Mike Capps, president of Epic Games, explained why the project has taken two years so far (since Shadow Complex came out August 18, 2009), and we still don%26rsquo;t know anything about Shadow Complex 2.

Capps explains that %26ldquo;midway through development we decided to shift the entire team into working alongside our engine guys on an iOS title which went on to release as Infinity Blade.%26rdquo; Though, at the time, the decision was considered %26ldquo;completely crazy%26rdquo; he%26rsquo;s satisfied that, %26ldquo;Looking back on that decision today it seems like an exceptionally smart one.%26rdquo;

The unusual choice came from Capps experience with %26mdash; of all things %26mdash; developing Gears of War with Microsoft. He says, %26ldquo;Through Gears we knew that the story of our company was all about finding a platform vendor who is looking of a stand out, triple-A style title and allocate our full resources there. Knowing that [Apple] was that kind of company, we were empowered to make the decision to switch from developing Shadow Complex 2 to taking this %26lsquo;bet%26rsquo; on an iOS title, while keeping the same values across both.%26rdquo;

So while we still don%26rsquo;t have Shadow Complex 2, you can thank the team for putting a bit of extra polish on Infinity Blade. As for weather you should worry that the eventual release of Shadow Complex 2 might abandon its console roots to follow Infinity Blade%26rsquo;s iOS success, Mustard has promised that he%26rsquo;s %26ldquo;not a fan of trying to shoehorn console controls into touch screens. They don%26rsquo;t feel right. You just lose so much precision.%26rdquo;

Aug 16, 2011

Source:Gamasutra (opens in new tab)

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