SFX Weekender 3: Signing FAQ

All your questions regarding signings at the Weekender answered!

Do I need a Signing Pass to get a star’s autograph? Not for authors and artists, who’ll be signing at the Forbidden Planet, Black Library, Abaddon/ Solaris/2000 AD and Angry Robot stands in Bartertown. The writers won’t charge for autographs, though you’ll be able to buy books to be signed. Check out schedules around the venue for timings.

To get an actor autograph, however, you’ll need a Signing Pass – they’re included in the VIP package. Non-VIP guests will need to have bought a Signing Pass. We’re expecting these to have sold out before the event, but if there are any still available, they will be on sale in reception at £30 each.

I’ve got my Signing Pass. How do I get an autograph? Actors will be signing in the Signing Area. This year we have introduced a virtual queuing system, to keep the time you spend waiting in line to a minimum. To get access to the actor queues in the Signing Area (each star will have their own line), you will need a Timeslot Ticket for a specific signing session. Each queueing slot lasts an hour.

To get a Timeslot Ticket you will need to go to the SFX stand in reception with your Signing Pass, and select the session you want. (Please note that space in each session is limited, so you may not get your first choice.) When you have your Timeslot Ticket, you’re free to go and enjoy the delights of the Weekender – but please make sure you get to the Signing Area in good time for your session.

Does my Signing Pass guarantee me an autograph from the guests?

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee you’ll get any particular guest’s signature – even if you’re a VIP. Also note that all guests appear subject to work commitments.

When can I get Tickets?

Timeslot Tickets will be available to Signing Pass holders whenever the SFX stand is open in reception – Thursday until 7pm, 10am-7pm on Friday, 9am-6pm on Saturday.

Timeslot Tickets for Friday signing sessions will be available for early birds on Thursday night and on Friday until 4pm.

Timeslot Tickets for Saturday signing sessions will be available from 5pm on Friday until 4pm on Saturday afternoon.

Timeslot Ticket for these “open” sessions – just a Signing Pass. (Please note: Hattie Hayridge and Norman Lovett will not have an “open” signing session, as they will be on stage at the end of the day.)

I’ve got a Timeslot Ticket for Eve Myles, but I’ve decided I’d like another star’s autograph. Can I join a different queue?

No, your Timeslot Ticket is only valid for one actor, one session.

What if I miss my signing session? Will my Timeslot Ticket be valid for a later session?

Your ticket is only valid for your specific hour-long signing slot, so please make sure you’re there on time. If you do miss your slot, you’ll need to queue for another Timeslot Ticket, or return for the “open” sessions at the end of the day.

How many signatures can I get from each actor? Will they sign anything I bring along?

To ensure as many people as possible get autographs, only one signature is available from each person – though they will sign anything (within reason!) you ask.

Can I pick up Timeslot Tickets for my friends?

You can only get one ticket per actor, so everyone who wants an autograph will have to queue separately. But you will be able to get tickets for more than one of the actors when you queue – take care that your timing slots don’t clash!

I have a VIP badge. What does that entitle me to?

Timeslot Tickets for all signing sessions will be available for VIP guests (while stocks last). Standard Signing Pass holders will only have access to Standard signing sessions (ie non-VIP).

Can I buy a star’s photograph for them to sign?

Yes. There will be a stand selling star photos in the Signing Area.

Can I lend my Signing Pass to a mate?

Sorry, passes are non-transferable.

Look out for updates on the SFX stand or in the Signing Area. If you have any questions, go to the SFX stand or ask someone wearing an SFX t-shirt.

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