SFX 240 PREVIEW Agent Coulson lives in Agents Of SHIELD

Agent Coulson is back for TV’s Agents Of SHIELD , coming to TV later this month.

Agents Of SHIELD

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“What I find compelling about Agent Coulson,” actor Clark Gregg tells us in the latest edition of SFX , “is that this guy has seen things that would turn your hair white and yet he still believes the dream and heroism. Every step of the way, a different writing/directing team has turned this guy into something new and added another dimension that’s left me asking, ‘What now?’ That certainly has never been more true than the last time I saw him when he was bleeding out on a Helicarrier.”

Agents Of SHIELD article

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Jeph Loeb (famous for Smallville and Heroes , now writing and producing for the Marvel spin-off show) says, “I was working on Ultimate Spider-Man , our animated series. Clark Gregg had been on that show for two years. At that time, he leaned over and said to me, ‘Hey, Coulson lives after The Avengers movie in a television series?’ I said, ‘He could but people don’t know you are dead yet, so let’s see how that plays.’ Then [ Avengers ] became the third largest movie of all time and Coulson became one of the most beloved characters. Then I sat with Joss and talked about it and here we are today. This to me is unbelievable.”

Tara Bennett

Read more about Agents Of SHIELD (airing on Channel 4 on Fridays from 27 September), in the new issue of SFX , on sale Wednesday 18 September, in print and in digital .

SFX 240

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