Catherine finally hits Australian shores, but is the love still there?

Sheep/puzzler/sex/Twin Peaks sim Catherine is a hard one to pin down. That hasn’t stopped the Atlus-carved game from pulling in some fairly decent numbers – it sold 200,000 copies (opens in new tab) during its first week upon release overseas, and worldwide has shifted enough units to be deemed one of the company’s biggest earners (opens in new tab). But what about Australia?

A year has passed since the game hit shelves in its native Japan. And now that it’s finally out Down Under, the question asks itself: how will it fare? Will it pull in similar sales? Or has the delay meant that those who wanted to play it have already imported it?

If you need a refresher course, check out our Catherine coverage here (opens in new tab), from the earliest previews right up to its review. And let us know: did you wait to buy locally, or did you import?

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