Save 50% on a classic 6-button Genesis controller with the SEGA Genesis Mini

The SEGA Genesis Mini has finally arrived to shower us with all the nostalgia feels – it’s arguably one of the best retro game consoles (opens in new tab) to date – and Walmart have a deal that will increase said nostalgia exponentially. They’re offering the console itself with 50% off your choice of Innex SEGA Genesis six-button USB controller, all for $89.99 (opens in new tab). That is excellent news for anyone with happy memories of the system. These are remakes of the updated controller from 1993 onward, specifically the one that revised its shape and added three extra face buttons (x, y, and z). Because the Mini only includes the original 1988 handsets, these newer versions are going to be highly sought-after by anyone who jumped on the SEGA bandwagon during the mid-90s. Paying just $10 instead of $20 for them isn’t bad going.

Best SEGA Genesis Mini deal

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SEGA Genesis Mini + Innex six-button USB controller | $89.99 (save $10) (opens in new tab)
As well as getting the retro console itself and its heap of games, this offer nets you a remake of the newer six-button controller.

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As we mentioned in our review (opens in new tab), the SEGA Genesis Mini is “a system that’s been painstakingly recreated almost exactly as it was, only better. The hours of enjoyment you’ll get from it will vary depending on your history with SEGA, of course, but it’s easy to appreciate even if you’re coming in fresh”. The extensive library of 42 games helps the Mini win players over, but it’s the little things that mean it truly excels. The console features historical facts and figures about the classic games you’re about to play, and composing legend Yuzo Koshiro (whose credits include Streets of Rage and ActRaiser) has returned with a new menu theme that’s been put together using tech from the 16-bit era. What’s more, the console itself even features a cartridge slot you can open and blow into to get rid of imaginary dust. Cool, isn’t it? Subtle touches like this make the experience feel so much more special.

I’m not sure how long this offer will last for, so it might be a good idea to get on this sooner than later to avoid any disappointment.

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