Sea Of Thieves error messages explained

Yarrr, nothing be more frustratin’ than trying to sail Sea of Thieves (opens in new tab)’ salty seas with your fellow scallywags and seeing an error message pop up on yonder screen. Mind you, if you have some magnificent facial hair the sight of all those error messages ending in ‘-beard’ might not be so bad. Anyway, figuring out what each enigmatic code word means is tricky on your own, so to help you find out what’s preventing you from finding some booty (no, not that kind of booty) we’ve listed all the error messages below in alphabetical order, what they refer to, and how to fix your problem.

Sea of Thieves AlabasterBeard, AllmondBeard & CyanBeard error
Uh oh, you might have a dodgy internet connection as these messages mean that your connection to Xbox Live or Sea of Thieves’ servers has been lost. Make sure your internet is working, then try again. 

Sea of Thieves Ashbeard error
This means that you’re either not signed into Xbox Live, or your Xbox Live status isn’t connected. Try signing out, then signing back in, and attempting to play Sea of Thieves again.

Sea of Thieves AvocadoBeard error
An Xbox Live Gold membership is needed to play Sea of Thieves, so get this message and it’s probably a warning that your membership has run out. 

Sea of Thieves Beigebeard error
Check for updates and install any that are pending, and you should be good to go. 

Sea of Thieves Bronzebeard error
Ok, this one requires a fair few steps. First, press the Guide button on your controller (the big button in the middle with the X on it). Hover over Sea of Thieves, then press the Menu button (the one with the three lines). Select the ‘quit’ option. Boot up Sea of Thieves again (doesn’t matter if you do it from your recent games, your pinned items, or the my games and apps section), and try to play again. That should fix it. 

Sea of Thieves Cinnamonbeard error
Same as Bronzebeard; see above for how to solve it. 

Sea of Thieves DaffodilBeard error
As some of you will have heard before in a wildly different context, the problem here isn’t you – it’s Sea of Thieves. Check their Twitter feed (opens in new tab) for information about what’s gone wrong, or head to their website for an update on what’s happening.

Sea of Thieves FluffyBeard error
Although this code is usually reserved for playtests, if it does pop up it means that the servers have been taken down for an update. Sit patiently and they should be back up soon. 

Sea of Thieves Kiwibeard error
Like with Fluffybeard, this facial hair means that the servers are closed for whatever reason. It’s either that or the fact that you have multiple Gamertags signed in on your console – try signing everyone out, and then sign one back in again. You should be able to play Sea of Thieves now. 

Sea of Thieves Lapisbeard error
Oops, Sea of Thieves is running into some issues if you get this message. Like I mentioned above, try checking their Twitter feed or website for information about what’s going on. 

Sea of Thieves Lavenderbeard error
This one is a bit trickier. Lavenderbeard can be caused by anti-virus or firewall settings, as well as proxy servers and various other network management manipulation or tools. Check your firewall isn’t acting up and then try again. 

Sea of Thieves Lazybeard error
You’re a bit of a lazybones, aren’t you? Get this message and it’s a sign that you’ve been kicked because you’ve left your character idle for too long. Jump back in and find some sweet booty to make up for it! 

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