Ron Howard will shoot Inferno in April 2015

The wheels are finally turning again on Inferno , the third part of Dan Brown’s Robert Langdon series, with Ron Howard set to begin filming in April 2015.

Tom Hanks will be returning once more to reprise his role as the aforementioned Harvard professor, with the shoot scheduled to take place in Italy in the new year.

This latest instalment in the series will see Langdon grappling with another mysterious riddle, this time influenced by Inferno , the first book of Dante’s epic poem, Divine Comedy .

Needless to say, said riddle pulls him down another rabbit hole of secret societies, cryptically encoded messages and sinister adversaries, as was the case in The Da Vinci Code and Angels And Demons .

The film had initially been slated for a release date on 18 December 2015, but with cameras only set to roll in April, expect that to be shunted back to 2016 in due course.

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