Robotic engineer builds Portal 2 Personality Core replicas

On a scale of one to “holy crap these are awesome,” robotic engineer Chris Myles’s replica Portal 2 PersonalityCores fall somewhere between “damn I want one now” and “seriously, I would kick a puppy for these – just say the word.” Granted, this rating system needs some fine-tuning, but you try watching Myles’s ‘making-of’ video without geeking out…

The models are based on the Personality Cores which appear in the latter half of Portal 2 to help players bring down the final baddie [name withheld for the 4% of players who may not have finished it yet]. They include the loopy Space Core, the ever-helpful Fact Core, and Rick the Adventure Core(voiced to perfection by Nolan North).

Myles is a self-professed nerd with uncanny engineering skillz. His previous works include aCompanion Rubik’s Cube (opens in new tab), a full-sizedIron Man Arc Reactor (opens in new tab), a workingAssassin’s Creed Hidden Blade (opens in new tab)(non-lethal), and Mass Effect 2 cos-play costumes which have reportedly drawn crowds at events like PAX. These projects and more can be found on hisYouTube page (opens in new tab).

Sadly, Myles isn’t planning on making doubles of these particular models. Of course, that could change tomorrow if Valve stepped in to pick up production costs. Ahem,I repeat: that could change tomorrow if Valve decided to pick up productions costs…

[Source:YouTube – Ammnra (opens in new tab)viaJoystiq (opens in new tab)]

May 17, 2011

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