Robert Downey Jr. will join Captain America 3

Fairly major news to bring you this morning regarding Captain America 3 , with Variety reporting that Robert Downey Jr. is set to join proceedings.

According to the report, the film will bring the famous Civil War storyline to the big screen for the first time, as Cap and Tony Stark find themselves lining up against each other.

Their difference stem from the the Superhero Registration Act, a piece of government legislation that demands anyone with superhuman abilities reveal themselves to the authorities, and act as part of their private police force.

Tony Stark is all for it, but Steve Rogers is not, and the two soon find themselves on a collision course of epic proportions. Exciting stuff then, but according to the report, it nearly didn’t happen…

According to Variety , Iron Man had initially been pencilled in for a small role in the film, only for Downey to campaign for a larger part in proceedings. While Marvel chief Ike Perlmutter wasn’t happy, Kevin Feige saw the opportunity to bring Civil War into existence, and is in the course of thrashing out a deal with his star.

All of which would go some way towards explaining why a fourth Iron Man solo outing is unlikely, as a Civil War storyline could run for several films in its own right. Look forward to the battle lines being drawn when Captain America 3 opens in the UK on 29 April 2016.

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