Resident Evils Mr X just got even worse with this Pennywise mod

Like supernatural villains, good memes never die, and the Resident Evil 2 Remake (opens in new tab)’s Mr X taking on new terrifying forms is no exception. Thanks to a truly evil mod, you can now experience the hat-wearing Tyrant as Pennywise the clown from It, and the circus music only makes it worse. Thanks, I hate it. 

The Pennywise skin is the work of Brazilian student and modder Marcos RC (opens in new tab), and we have Youtuber Albert_Fn_Wesker (opens in new tab) to thank for the terrifying video with added audio nightmares. They could have worked at turning Mr X into an adorable corgi, added some Taylor Swift, but no. They had to come along and mess up my whole afternoon with this monstrosity. This is why the internet was a mistake. 

We thought we’d seen the worst possible incarnation of Mr X when he was reborn as Thomas the effing Tank Engine (opens in new tab), but clown plus Tyrant is a new one for the list of things I need to talk to my therapist about. 

It seems a fitting tribute to Pennywise, who has never had his own game. There is an It VR experience,  but it seems an injustice the creepy clown has never been able to terrorize us in some sort of sewer platforming spin-off.  

If you can’t get enough Pennywise, It Chapter 2 (opens in new tab) is out now, and you can read our take on the It Chapter 2 ending (opens in new tab) here.  

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