Release Radar: Our pick of the weeks best TV, movies, and games (March 9 – 15)

1. Go back to Skyrim with The Elder Scrolls Online’s latest DLC

Elder Scrolls Online console players can slip back into their adventuring armor and try out the new DLC, Harrowstorm, which will add two new dungeons – Icereach and Unhallowed Grave – to the game, as well as my new favorite emote, the ‘Wickerman Mishap’. The new add-on is also notable for marking the first chunk of the new Dark Heart of Skyrim storyline, where you’ll face a supernatural storm, witches and necromancers. Personally, I’m planning to drop 4,000 crowns on the Harrowstorm Collector’s Bundle just to get my hands on the Hallin’s Jackal Pet, and the Pyre Watch Jackal Mount. A lady can never have too many adorable scavengers to keep her company in magical lands.

What: The Elder Scrolls Online: Harrowstorm
Where: Xbox One, PS4, PC
When: March 10

2. Ori and the Will of the Wisps is putting some gorgeous in your Metroidvania 

Prepare your tissues, because Ori is back for another emotional journey. This time, he’s been split up from his tiny owl friend with a poorly wing, so you can just imagine how much the narrative is going to pull on the old heartstrings. The sequel brings Ori into the wider, more dangerous world – without losing any of the original’s glorious aesthetics, or soul-soothing soundtrack – allowing developer Moon Studios to put Ori in even more peril. Think boss fights against giant stag beetles, or wolves with snarling teeth and deadly claws. To put you in a better position to take on these new, huge foes, combat is a much bigger part of this game too, moving to a system that’s much more Hollow Knight or even Zelda-like than ever before. And yet, the game still manages to capture what was so magical about the original, with sleek, swift movement, glorious visuals and a cute protagonist. This is Metrodvania at its best.

What: Ori and the Will of the Wisps
Where: Xbox One, PC
When: March 11 

3. The Hunt brings controversy (and Hilary Swank) to theaters 

The Hunt was supposed to be released in theaters in September 2019, but was delayed after quite a bit of controversy kicked up around it. The social satire film, written by Nick Cuse and Damon Lindelof, is about “liberal elites” hunting down “normal people” for fun. The combination of real-world tragedy (a spate of mass shootings) and sensitive subject matter led Blumhouse Productions to delay the film to March 13, but the company stands by its content. The Hunt stars Hilary Swank, Emma Roberts, and Ike Barinhotlz, but keep an eye out for Glenn Howerton clearly taking inspiration from his role as It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s resident creep, Dennis Reynolds. Expect biting social commentary (including a pitch perfect white people joke in the trailer) that’s dropping right in the midst of the 2020 election cycle. Consider it a temporary mental break.

What: The Hunt
Where: Theaters
When: March 13 

4. Nioh 2 promises a refined, but no less challenging, monster-slaying experience 

Poor Nioh only got to be “that samurai Soulsborne” game for a couple years before Fromsoftware came barging in with Sekiro. Now Nioh is back to make a name for itself, and it’s bringing tons of weird new demon magic to seal the deal. Nioh 2 turns the clock back even further than its predecessor, telling a story of a 16th century Japan divided by both monstrous intruders and warring factions. No longer playing a fish-out-of-water Irish swordsman, you now embody a half-yokai who uses his barely restrained powers to hunt full-on monsters. Team Ninja has paid close attention to player feedback from the first game and extensive play testing for the second, so the stage is set for Nioh 2 to claim its samurai Soulsborne… well, not crown, but scary red mask?

What: Nioh 2
Where: PS4
When: March 13 

5. Westworld season 3 heads out of the park and looks out of this world 

Westworld is a tricky show to get a read on. Season 1 captivated us with its many, many, many twists and turns, but season 2 put a damper on proceedings with a convoluted, erratic set of episodes that seemed intent of being more confusing than entertaining. 

Season 3 should make things a lot more streamlined. For one thing, we’re finally out of Delos’ clutches and heading into the quote-unquote ‘real’ world as Dolores plots a robotic revolution. The trailers also hint at the promise of a lot more action, with new cast member Aaron Paul in the thick of it. So, if you’re thinking about tapping out of HBO’s sci-fi series before we get some real answers, try the season 3 premiere this Sunday – these violent delights might just have violent ends.

What: Westworld season 3
Where: HBO
When: March 15 

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