Red Dead Redemption “Myths and Mavericks” DLC will be free this September

Rockstar has announced one last DLC hurrah for loyal fans of Red Dead Redemption’s online mode. The “Myths and Mavericks” pack is on track for a September release, and will unlock fan-favorite characters for online multiplayer, as well as new locations for matches. In a “show of appreciation for the awesome long-term support” shown for the title’s online mode – which could easily have been written off as an addendum to the story-heavy single-player section of the title – the pack will be as free as the stars above your bonfire and the prairie wind in your hair.

Above: Landon Ricketts, soon available for your playing pleasure dead or alive

The pack will be available on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network in September and unlocks characters including fan favorite Landon Ricketts, previously only available for play in undead form. On that note, Rockstar has also announced that under considerable fan pressure, it’ll be restoring the original settings to the Undead Overrun mode via an update during the lead up to the new pack. The mode’s boundaries and time-penalties were tightened in an earlier update which met with widespread dissatisfaction – so before declaring an end to RDR support, the original mode will be restored. And let that be a lesson to you: whenever anyone changes something you like, you should definitely complain about it! Looking forward to getting into the “Myths and Mavericks” pack?

Jul 28, 2011

Source:Rockstar Newswire (opens in new tab)

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