PSVR PS5 headset sounds “even better” with supposedly leaked specs

The PSVR PS5 headset could be “even better” than previously rumored, according to one outlet.

That outlet would be Digital Foundry, tech experts who just recently posted the new “Digital Foundry Weekly” episode to their YouTube channel. In the new episode, host and tech expert Richard Leadbetter says that “we’ve seen some leaked [PSVR PS5] specs and it looks good,” before adding “we’ve seen some other specs which haven’t been leaked which make it look even better.”

We don’t know the specifics of these as-yet-unseen specs doing the rounds about the PSVR PS5 headset, nor do we know which previous leaked Leadbetter is referring to. Earlier this year in June, you might remember one report claimed that the new headset from PlayStation would utilize OLED screens, which Sony has never commented on.

Slightly before that in May, another outlet reported that the new headset would feature 4K visuals, gaze tracking, and rumble functions. Again, this report was never confirmed or denied by PlayStation, but this previous rumor claimed slightly more impressive details than the aforementioned OLED screen. It’s entirely possible that this is the rumor Leadbetter could be referring to.

What we do know for certain is that the PSVR PS5 headset has been in development since at some point prior to February 2021, when it was formally announced by Sony. At the time, Sony revealed precious little about the new hardware, stating that it wouldn’t be releasing this year in 2021, but would feature a simplified setup, brand new VR controllers, and more. With a release date scheduled for well after this year, it looks like we’ll be waiting a while before concrete details of Sony’s new hardware.

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