Portal 2 Co-op

Chris, Tyler and Lizzie are joined byPC Gamer (opens in new tab)’s Evan Lahti and Anthony Valva for a SPOILER-FREE look at Portal’s brain-wrenching co-op mode.

Get this straight, readers: Several of us in the office have played through Portal 2 several times already. I personally played through myself and watched others play through the game multiple times. Yet there’s still shit in Portal 2 that confounds me each and every time I encounter it! I guess what I’m saying is: We’re not dummies! Portal just requires a unique line of thinking that sort of defies traditional muscle memory, or whatever, and often feels altogether new each time you approach certain puzzles. Infinitely more so while trying to talk and convey information at the same time, you judgemental jerks.

Above: A highlight in the video above is Evan murdering Anthony with a door for no good reason

Obviously, I’m trying to justify why we’re playing like shit in the video above, but I’m also trying to express that you can rest easy watching us play through the beginning of Portal 2’s co-op since I can almost guarantee it will not taint your personal experience in any way. Can I go now?!

Apr 19, 2011

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