Pokemon X and Y Pokedex

The Kalos region is full of monsters!

It’s finally here. Pokemon X and Y have been released, and add dozens of new pocket-sized (and building-sized) monsters to the world. You’ve likely read our Pokemon X and Y review, but now it’s time to see all of the new creatures with your own eyes.

It’s hard enough to remember the first 649 (most of us can’t get past the original 151), so we’ve prepared this handy-dandy guide with images of every new Pokemon in the game. These are the ‘mons you’ll see as you spend the next few dozen hours attempting to catch as many of them as possible–maybe even ’em all!


The sixth generation’s Grass Type starter, Chespin is a “shelled chestnut Pokemon.” Basically, it’s a living chestnut that also resembles a chipmunk or other small rodent. That hard shell protecting his head and body should prove useful, though.

How to get: Given by a friend at the beginning of the game.


The first evolution of this generation’s Grass Starter is Quilladin, and… well, we’re not sure what he’s supposed to be. He looks like a squirrel that ate a pine cone so big he took the shape of it. Quilladin can learn Mud Shot, a Ground-type move super effective against Fire types. That should help out a lot in battle, considering how many people have already pledged allegiance to Fennekin.

How to get: Evolves from Chespin at level 16.


How to get: Evolves from Quilladin at level 36.


Following in the Pokesteps of Charmander and Chimchar is Fennekin, based on the real-life fennec foxes of the Sahara Desert. Fennekin can blow hot air out of those large ears that will reach temperatures of over 200 degrees Celsius. We bet hot air will be coming out of opposing trainers’ ears too when our Fennekin kicks some butt.


By evolving into Braixen, the Fire-type starter shifts from four legs to two and brings along a stick wedged in its tail. That stick will factor in battle, as Braixen can turn into a burning wand with which to use Fire attacks as if they’re magic spells. Farfetch’d can take his leek and go home. Its featured move is Psyshock, a special attack that deals damage based on the opponent’s Defense like a physical attack, not Special Defense.

How to get: Evolves from Fennekin at level 16.


How to get: Evolves from Braixen at level 36.


This bullfrog carries the Water-type starter flag championed by Squirtle, Totodile, and Mudkip. The bubbles on its chest serve as both protection and projectiles in battle. What does that tell you? Froakie here will be learning Bubble and Bubblebeam at some point.


Frogadier takes the cuteness of Froakie and turns it into a look of flash and debonair. Using his enhanced jumping capabilities, Frogadier can learn Bounce, a Flying-type move that’s super effective against Grass types. That should help with one of his biggest weaknesses, but we hope he has something up his sleeve to deal with those Electric types. The last thing we’d want is to be Thundershocked to oblivion when we’re on a roll.

How to get: Evolves from Froakie at level 16.


How to get: Evolves from Frogadier at level 36.

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