“Please shut the **** up” – These reactions to annoying A Quiet Place moviegoers say it all

Shh. You. Yes, you! The one who has decided today would be a good day to start practising mouth breathing and then sniffing every twelve seconds as if your life depended on it. A Quiet Place (opens in new tab) isn’t for you. Some people didn’t get the memo about the John Krasinski-director horror movie where you absolutely must not make a sound, and it’s making other moviegoers violent but silent.

No spoilers here, but there’s a very good reason why you must (at all times) be super-duper shushy during A Quiet Place.

That means absolutely no talking…

Also did you know that if you buy a ticket to see a movie called A Quiet Place and then you chat all the way through it you’re instantly listed on Interpol’s Most Wanted8 April 2018

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Definitely no popcorn, snacks that require you to chew, or other miscellaneous rustling.

Do me a favor: if you go to see A Quiet Place (a movie thats literally so quiet you can hear the whole audience breathing) DO NOT EAT POPCORN TWO SEATS AWAY FROM ME AND WHEEZE THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE RUN TIME11 April 2018

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Lemme make this very clear.If you go see A Quiet Place, hell if you see any movie, please shut the fuck up. Turn ya goddamn phone off, stop shoving your face full of loud ass foods(popcorn, anything with a rapper, etc), quit talking and watch the goddamn movie.Thanks that’s all7 April 2018

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A QUIET PLACE is even more immersive if you bring a loud snack into the theater9 April 2018

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Don’t bring kids.

The moral of A Quiet Place is kids are loud and you shouldn’t have them8 April 2018

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Or burp. In fact, soft drinks are a big no-no, folks. Leave your slurping, straws and soda at home.

The most horrific part of A Quiet Place is when you realize the movie is silent and you’re about to hear every crunch of popcorn, slurp of Diet Coke, and stifled burp in the entire theater for the next hour and a half.8 April 2018

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If this is already giving you trust issues, you’re not alone.

A Quiet Place was an awesome movie but it was kinda ruined by the god awful audience in the theater. When the premise of a movie is silence, loud people really ruin it9 April 2018

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Dilemma: I BADLY want to see A Quiet Place, but I don’t trust my local cinema audience to be quiet enough to let me truly experience & enjoy the film’s use of (and lack of) sound.8 April 2018

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Maybe brush up on your sign language if you really, really have to tell someone to STFU.

me arguing with the people who kept talking during a quiet place pic.twitter.com/Id3o3hUv7P11 April 2018

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If you’re sick, consult a doctor. Don’t go to the cinema, give us all the dreaded lurgy AND ruin the movie. I will spray you with water.

Me holding in a cough while watching A Quiet Place pic.twitter.com/0DopPV9hXh11 April 2018

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For the love of god, please don’t do this. Forget the water, I will hunt you down and put tape across your entire face while I sit down and read you the dictionary definition of silence.

‘A Quiet Place’ was a pretty good movie but everyone was so loud in the theater which really pissed me off lol, people were talking in the back row and this middle-aged man turned around and yelled “SHUT THE FUCK UP” during the climax7 April 2018

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You know what? Maybe just don’t breathe. That’s probably for the best.

a quiet place was so quiet i felt bad for even breathing . it was alright tho usually i walk out of a theater feeling like i wasted my money but this time it wasn’t bad.go see it. this has been a review. goodnight10 April 2018

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Me watching A Quiet Place and someone’s breathing. #aquietplace pic.twitter.com/4Mx4MarTtN10 April 2018

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There you have it, the complete guide to making your local cinema screening of A Quiet Place a, well, quiet place. You can thank me later. 

If you’ve heeded all of these warnings and still want more, check our our list of upcoming horror movies.  (opens in new tab)

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