Pillars of Eternity release date set for March

It feels like the Kickstarter campaign ended an eternity ago, but Obsidian Entertainment’s return to old-school isometric RPGs is finally near. Pillars of Eternity will release on March 26, 2015 across Steam, GOG.com, and other digital retailers.

Pillars of Eternity is the final name for Project Eternity, and the end goal of a crowdfunding campaign which raised almost $4 million dollars in late 2012. The project was originally estimated to arrive in spring 2014, though it saw a few delays between then and now. Thankfully, Obsidian says the Eternity team is focused on final polishing, bug squashing, and finalizing assets.

Make sure you’re registered to receive your rewards if you backed the original campaign, as Obsidian says it’s getting ready to send out physical and digital items in the coming months.

If you’re not already familiar with its premise, Pillars of Eternity is meant to be a modern incarnation of the CRPG legacy which spawned games like the Baldur’s Gate series and Planescape Torment. You can check out our preview from over the summer (opens in new tab) for more details, but if you played any of those Black Isle and BioWare classics, you already have a good idea of what you’re getting into.

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