Persona 5 The Royal announced, mysterious new character teased

Persona 5 R (opens in new tab) has been on the minds of every Persona fan since Atlus dropped a very short teaser trailer hinting at the new upcoming game late last year. Well, Atlus are back at it again, only this time we now know the official title of the game is Persona 5: The Royal, and it will feature a new female character who could very well be the protagonist. 

While the teaser trailer is only a short 45 seconds, the new character seems to be aware of our beloved Phantom thieves and expresses that she doesn’t approve of their methods. Interesting. From the short glimpses we can see of the character, you can see she’s wearing the Syujin high school uniform our ragtag bunch rock in Persona 5 (opens in new tab). The plot thickens. 

The speculation around the game is that it will likely be a revised version of Persona 5 with additional content that expands on the story, but we won’t know for sure until we find out more. The end of the trailer promises to reveal more information on 24 April, so we’ll certainly be saving the date to find out more. The official website page for The Royal also makes a hint that something is about to happen at the Ryogoku Kokugikan, which is a big stadium known for Sumo wrestling in Tokyo. Hmm, what could be going on? 

The tantalisingly short trailer has left us hungry for more. One thing’s for sure, we’re ready to have our hearts taken all over again.

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