Paranormal Activity 4 could arrive in October 2012

Speaking to The Wrap, Don Harris, the head of Paramount’s domestic distribution, revealed that Paramount Film Group President Adam Goodman was “thinking about the challenge” of making a fourth Paranormal Activity .

Paranormal Activity 3 launched last week to huge success, grossing almost $54 million in the USA, a figure that eclipses the franchise’s previous two instalments.

Therefore, a fourth film being commissioned seems more than likely, and Harris furthered this by stating, “I can’t imagine that we wouldn’t make a number four.”

It is not yet known who will replace duo Henry Joost, Ariel Schulman in the director’s chair(s) this time out.

Harris said, “I’m sure the right material and the right director will have to come together with the budget because they don’t spend a lot of money.”

The two previous instalments arrived in October ’10 and October ’11 respectively, and Harris believes that “it’s certainly possible to have another October release.”

The series has been hugely profitable so far, grossing $450 million despite all three entries costing a combined total of just $8 million.

Expect the fourth Paranormal Activity to arrive this time next year.

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