New viral for The Dark Knight Rises: read the Harvey Dent Act

The Dark Knight Rises is going full steam ahead with its big marketing push prior to its cinematic release next month, with the new TV spots and trailer followed by the publication of a mock-up press release explaining the finer points of the Dent Act.

Designed to close the loopholes that have allowed organised crime to flourish in the city, the bill also establishes Batman as a dangerous vigilante, as well as establishing an official public holiday to commemorate the fallen DA.

“Harvey Dent was a hero in the true sense of the word,” says Mayor Garcia in the release. “His courage in taking on the criminal empire that ruled our streets saved our city. It would be inappropriate for us not to honour his sacrifice.”

“To those who claim this legislation creates a police state,” he continues, “my answer is very simple. Before the Dent Act, our city was so desperate that we placed our trust behind a masked vigilante who ultimately murdered the man who was truly Gotham’s shining hope. Luckily for us, the hope has endured. This bill is Harvey Dent’s legacy and I intend to protect it.”

You might find that a little trickier than you’d anticipated, old chum. The Dark Knight Rises opens in the UK on 20 July 2012. In the meantime, you can check out the new viral below…

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