New PGA Tour game delayed to Spring 2023

EA’s upcoming next-gen PGA Tour game has been delayed once more to Spring 2023. 

EA Sports PGA Tour is the first major return to the golf sim in some time. It made its debut last March, when it was revealed that it would include a variety of popular golf courses and players that stemmed from a PGA Tour partnership.

However, the new PGA Tour’s release date was delayed indefinitely back in November, and now EA has confirmed in a new press release that it’s being pegged for Spring 2023.

When the game does launch, however, players will be able to access all four major golf championships, including the US Open Championship, Masters Tournament, PGA Championship, and Open Championship. It’ll also include a full career mode as well as a revamped Create-A-Player mode for players to build their own personal golfer to navigate the game with. 

EA Sports has labeled the new PGA Tour as a “next-gen” golf game that recreates famous courses in meticulous detail with the power of PS5 and Xbox Series X. The game has been confirmed for both PlayStation and Xbox’s latest consoles, but it will more than likely find a home on last-gen consoles as well. There’s no concrete release date just yet, but given that there’s still a year left to wait before its debut now, additional details will likely be sprinkled out over the coming months about when to expect it. 

In the (now even longer) wait for the new PGA Tour, check out the best sports games to play right now.

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