New Netflix movie trailer teases a gorgeous, cryptic anime from the studio behind Attack on Titan

Netflix is bringing its anime A-game with the first full trailer for Bubble, a boy-meets-girl movie from the team behind Attack on Titan.

Bubble features a boy named Hibiki (voiced by The Way of the Househusband’s Jun Shishon) trapped in a Tokyo where gravity has broken thanks to – you guessed it – bubbles. Never change, anime.

After a parkour adventure goes wrong, Hibiki hurtles towards a “gravity-bending sea”, only to have his life saved by the mysterious girl Uta. From there, they share an odd connection: a sound that only they can hear and a “revelation that will change the world.”

The rest of the trailer is nice and cryptic, only offering up a sizzle reel of beautiful, floating landscapes, sunken cities, and physics-bending action sequences that would make Gravity Rush blush. On top of that, is already giving us big Weathering With You and Your Name vibes, which is no bad thing.

The cherry on top, though, is that WIT Studio and director Tetsuro Araki are involved. The former is best known for kickstarting the Attack on Titan phenomenon with its incredible animation during the first three seasons of Attack on Titan; Araki worked on the hit show, and also directed Death Note. Not a bad CV.

Bubble is set to stream worldwide on Netflix from April 28. It’s only one small part of Netflix’s incredible 2022 lineup, which includes Knives Out 2, Enola Holmes 2, and The Adam Project – a Ryan Reynolds time travel movie described as Star Wars meets Back to the Future.

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