Movies That Review Themselves

From The SFX Archives: Unwise lines of dialogue from SF and fantasy movies that are useful ammunition for reviewers who are not enjoying the experience

“Movies are full of shit” Blade Trinity
“Wake me when this is over.” Wolverine
“What if nothing we did made any sense?” Push
“Why are you giving me one useless piece of information at a time?” The Happening
“I hope you enjoy disappointment.” Twilight
“Now, who wants to go home?” Street Fighter The Movie
“I’m too young for this shit!” Tank Girl
“We’re all having a real lousy day” Waterworld
“I think this is so boring.” Catwoman
“Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse.” Star Trek Nemesis
“I suggest you leave quickly.” Eragon
“And you will beg for death before the end!” The Lord of The Rings
“Nobody’s gonna care when we die.” Screamers
“I’m sure this is some kind of sin.” Van Helsing
“I don’t believe this shit.” Doom
“This is, like, the opposite of what I wanted to do today.” Scooby-Doo
“I’d sooner eat cowdung.” Hawk The Slayer
“We have to leave, we have to leave!” Silent Hill
“Next it will be tears.” Wrath Of The Titans
“I sense the anger in you.” Star Wars Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith
“Bad dog!” Underdog
“Who would like to buy some aspirin?” Tim Burton’s Planet Of The Apes
“There can be only one.” Any Highlander sequel
“The question is, do you know why you are here?” The Matrix Reloaded

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