Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Insect Glaive Guide

One of the two new weapons in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (opens in new tab) is the Insect Glaive, which is a large double-ended rod capable of quick attacks. It’s similar to the Long Sword in some ways, but has a few unique elements: mainly, the ability to summon a Kinsect to attack monsters for you, and provide you with strong buffs. The Insect Glaive is capable of dealing slash damage and impact damage, so it has become a fast favourite for many Monster Hunter players.

Basic Attack Moves:

X = Can be pressed up to three times for a Combo, moving or stationary
A = Hitting A while stationary causes a horizontal slash
X + A = Vertical slash, forward slam. If done while holding backwards, performs a slashing back flip
A + A = Horizontal slash, forward slam. If done while moving forward, this can chain into the XXA Red Juice Combo

The Following Combos require Red Juice to perform:

X + X + A = This Combo move does a large amount of damage and can be repeated indefinitely. This Combo requires Red Juice, most Insect Glaive users consider this the most important Combo to master
A + A = Diagonal slash, leaping 360 degree slash
A (holding forward) + A = Forward slam, leaping 360 degree slash
X (airborne) = Do a downward double slash that has a chance to stagger a monster
X + X + X = Vertical double slash, diagonal double slash, double 360 degree slash

Utility Moves: 

R = Marks a target part on the monster for your Kinsect
R (after an attack) = Deals impact damage and marks the target part on the monster for your Kinsect
Hold R = Controls the aiming reticule for targeting your Kinsect
R + A = Calls back your Kinsect
A (airborne) = Shoots a target bullet for the Kinsect in midair, (the recoil on this move can be used to evade an attack coming from the forward direction)
Hold R + X = shoots out Kinsect on a direct path, or wait until the glaive is glowing, then release to send the Kinsect on a strong ranged attack. This attack is especially useful for blowing up bombs from range
R + B = vault forward on the spear, this can be used to mount monsters if timed correctly. If holding backwards, you will vault backwards
Up + A = vaults towards the enemy, pressing A again deals a large amount of damage and finishes this combo

Advanced Juice Combos with the Insect Glaive:

Press R + X to shoot the Kinsect towards the enemy. The Kinsect will fly out in the direction the camera is facing
Press R + A to return the Kinsect (and its yummy juice) to you

White = (W) comes from Wings or Legs
Orange = (O) comes from Stomach or Body
Green = (G) comes from Tail
Red = (R) comes from Head

(W) = 90 second duration: makes you move faster and allows you to jump higher
(O) = 45 second duration: enhances defense and provides knock back protection
(G) = Self heals for a slight amount
(R) = 60 second duration: Improved attack damage

(W) + (R) = 60 second duration: Attack boost S in addition to White and Red boost
(W) + (O) = 60 second duration: Defense boost S, Earplugs, White boost, and Orange boost
(W) + (O) + (R) = 60 second duration: Attack Boost L, Defense Boost L, Earplugs, White boost, Orange boost, and Red boost

Leveling Up Your Kinsect:

It is important to note that your Kinsect must level up before you can upgrade your weapon. You will level up your Kinsect by feeding it various nectars collected from the small conical ground plants. Most Insect Glaive veterans suggest levelling up your Kinsect’s speed so that juice is quickly retrieved for Juice Combos. However, it is possible to level up your Kinsect’s Damage and play more passively, letting the bug do the work for you. How you choose to level up your Kinsect is up to you and your play style.

When you craft a new Glaive, you also get a new Kinsect that is tied to your new weapon, so if you accidentally feed your first Kinsect the wrong nectars, it will likely not be a problem late game. In fact, we would suggest levelling your first Kinsect up with Power and Speed nectars to start, because if you’re learning the weapon, it will help you plow through the early single player levels.

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