Metro Redux Switch port will bring the first two horror shooters to the console in February

Metro Redux is coming to Nintendo Switch on February 28. If you can’t remember what Metro Redux is, you probably aren’t alone, because it first came out way back in 2014 (opens in new tab). Redux is a two-for-one game that includes updated versions of both Metro 2033, the 2010 horror shooter that kicked off the franchise, and its 2013 sequel Metro: Last Light (opens in new tab). The arrival of Metro Redux on Switch will mark the first time any of the Metro games will be playable on a Nintendo system.

Both games in the Redux support two playstyles: Survival, which more closely mirrors the original Metro 2033 experience with perceptive enemies and scarce resources, and Ranger, which lets you blast your way through post-apocalyptic Mosco in a more traditional shooter style. Both games and all of their now-included DLC will fit on one 16GB Switch cart, which is a neat little achievement of its own.

Speaking of the physical version, if you pre-order Metro Redux from select retailers you’ll also get the Ranger Cache. Its complimentary goodies include two pin badges, a game case sleeve, double-sided box art, four double-sided art cards, and an A2 double-sided poster with designs from both 2033 and Last Light. It’s all perfect for infusing your home with some not-quite-Soviet but definitely post-apocalyptic imagery.

With Redux coming to Switch next month, the only part of the Metro game series not represented on the console will be Metro Exodus (opens in new tab). That one might be harder to port over, since it was built for current-gen systems that have more horsepower than Switch’s portable-friendly nature allows. Still, I’ve learned by now to never count out a potential Switch port..

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