Mario Kart Tour beta is live now, check to see if you got in

The Mario Kart Tour beta is live right now! If you registered ahead of time, check your email now to see if you got in and start downloading the app on Android. If you didn’t register or you didn’t make the cut (it was random so don’t take it personally), then don’t fret too much. The full version of Mario Kart Tour is still scheduled to launch later this summer, so you won’t have to sit on the sidelines for too long.

When can I play the Mario Kart Tour beta?

The beta period is scheduled to last for two weeks, from May 22 to June 4 – make sure you start playing as soon as you can, because you’ll get a login bonus for racing every day. Nintendo says dates may change without prior notice, but we’ll keep you updated here if the schedule changes.

How do I get in to the Mario Kart Tour beta?

Unfortunately, if you’re not already in the Mario Kart Tour beta, you can’t get in now. Nintendo had a set period where it accepted applications and that window has been closed for several weeks. The full game’s set to arrive this summer though!

What’s in the Mario Kart Tour beta?

Mario Kart Tour beta players get access to a limited selection of the game’s content, in this case a series of Cups that consist of multiple courses or challenges each. Playing through Cups will earn you currency that you can spend on gacha-style random pulls for new drivers, cars, and accessories. Nothing that players earn in the beta will transfer over to the full game, so don’t worry about certain people having a head start.

When is Mario Kart Tour’s full version coming?

If you didn’t get into the beta test, or if you already love it so much that you won’t be able to stand not playing after it ends, you won’t have to wait too much longer. Mario Kart Tour is planned for a full release sometime in Summer 2019.

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