The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide: Everything you need to defeat Ganon and save Hyrule

A Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide is obviously going to make life easier given how much there is to do. There are general tips to master, weapons and horses to find, Wild Old Man locations, korok seeds, captured memories – the list goes ON. It’s not a game you play unless you can really spend some time in its world. 

Which is why this Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild guide is here. It gathers up everything we have on the game into one handy collection of information. So if you’re having trouble with anything, then this guide to the kingdom of Hyrule should explain just about everything you need and help you master the challenge ahead.

Essential Zelda: Breath of the Wild tips

The quickest way to familiarise yourself with the world and pick up some of the useful systems you’ll need is to check out our essential Zelda: Breath of the Wild tips (opens in new tab), covering everything from levelling up your health and stamina, to cooking in the wild and surfing on your shield.

Breath of the Wild horses tips – tame your steed and bring it back from the dead

Having such a massive open world to explore makes this a great adventure, but it does mean getting around on foot is a time-consuming process. Helpfully, you can recruit a horse to help you cover those distances, so check out our Breath of the Wild horses tips (opens in new tab) for everything you need to know about your equine pals.

Breath of the Wild Old Man locations, warm doublet recipe, paraglider shrine

You start off your quest with very little, though a mysterious Old Man found near your starting area in the Great Plateau can help you out. Head to the Breath of the Wild old man locations (opens in new tab) to meet him, then complete his tasks to collect some useful items and get your first taste of the puzzle shrines.

Breath of the Wild korok seed and Hestu locations guide

Korok seeds are a serious collectible in the game, as there are an incredible 900 of them to find in total. We’ve tracked down all of the Breath of the Wild korok seed locations (opens in new tab) for you, and once you’ve gathered enough of them you can also follow our guide to find Hestu and trade them for additional inventory slots.

Breath of the Wild shrine locations and solutions guide

A large part of your adventure will involve solving the 120 shrines, often using the physics engine to beat the puzzles, and your reward for finishing each one is a Spirit Orb to help level up Link’s abilities. Our Breath of the Wild shrine guide (opens in new tab) will show you where they all are, as well as providing the solutions needed to get through them.

Breath of the Wild Captured Memories locations guide

When you wake up at the start of the game, Link is suffering from a bout of amnesia and part of your quest is to help him recover his past. We’ll show you where to find all of the Breath of the Wild captured memories (opens in new tab), so you can piece together the history of Hyrule before current events unfolded.

BOTW cooking recipes guide

Having Link cook up food will help you replenish your health, as well as provide a temporary boost to many of your stats. However, he’s not automatically a gourmet chef, meaning you need to know the best BOTW cooking recipes (opens in new tab) to concoct so you don’t end up wasting ingredients on failed dishes.

Breath of the Wild unbreakable / high durability weapons and shield locations

A potentially annoying factor in the game’s combat system is that weapons and shields have a set durability, meaning they’ll eventually smash to pieces once you’ve used them enough. If you want something with a bit more sustainability then the Master Sword will never wear out, so if you want the Breath of the Wild unbreakable sword (opens in new tab) or one of the other high durability shields and weapons then we can show you where to find them.

Breath of the Wild ingenious tricks and hacks

With such a versatile physics engine, ingenious players have been coming up with all sorts of Breath of the Wild tricks and hacks (opens in new tab) to get more out of the game. From flying into the sky using a makeshift Magnesis airship, to summoning an army of angry Cucco chickens that attack your foes, there are some really interesting things you can do if you’re prepared to think laterally.

Breath of the Wild PC mods

By emulating the Wii U version of the game, enterprising players have been able to use Breath of the Wild PC mods (opens in new tab) to completely switch up the experience. There are plenty of mods available, from adding new music and classic weapons to riding around on a giant Thomas the Tank Engine ‘horse’, so why not take a look at what’s available.

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