Jodie Foster reveals details about Neill Blomkamps Elysium

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Jodie Foster has been doing the promotional rounds on The Beaver this week, which means the press have been attempting to milk her for details about new sci-fi Elysium .

The sophomore feature from District 9 director Neill Blomkamp, the project is pretty much under lock and key, with only the basic plot (humans vs. aliens) being released.

Foster did, however, confirm that her character is the head of an alien planet: “Yes. I hope I’m allowed to say that. I think I’m allowed to say that. That’s pretty vague.”

Asked if there was anything else she could reveal about the much-anticipated movie, Foster added: “Those sci-fi movies are all really hush-hush. I don’t even own a screenplay.

“They won’t even give me a screenplay. I’ve read it, but they won’t give me one to physically keep in my home ‘cause they’re so worried about everybody.”

Finally, Foster revealed that the main reason she signed on to the film was because it was a chance to work with Blomkamp.

“Yes, definitely. He did District 9 , which I think is as close to a perfect movie as you can get,” she enthuses. “It’s just an extraordinary film. And, this film has a lot of that social commentary in it, but uses sci-fi to get there. It’s great.”

The Beaver opens 17 June.

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