Jennifer Garner is the new Miss Marple

jennifer garner

Jennifer Garner has signed on to play legendary detective Miss Marple in a new movie inspired by Agatha Christie’s novels.

Which either means the 38-year-old actress is going to receive a very wrinkly, very expensive Benjamin Button -style make-over, or the producers are looking to sex Miss Marple up. A lot.

THR note that Disney Pictures are looking to “modernise” the elderly detective instead of going for the tried and true period approach.

Which clearly means Marple is now going to be a New York singleton who fights crime on the days when she’s not dreaming about finding the love of her life and attending yoga classes.

Keeping in line with all the weirdness, Disney have already hired a scribe in the form of Twin Peaks ’ Mark Frost. Next they’ll be saying a dancing dwarf and a prophetic giant have to be in the story.

Miss Marple’s adventures began in Agatha Christie’s novel The Thirteen Problems , published in novel form in 1930. Since then she’s been the subject of numerous TV and stage productions.

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