Japanese accessory manufacturer makes the first accessibility controller for the Switch

Nintendo Switch players will have a new accessible controller that they can play with. Japanese accessory manufacturer Hori has debuted an accessibility controller specifically designed to be played on the Switch. The controller is known as the HORI Flex with a Switch and joystick interface. As reported by Nintendo Life (opens in new tab), the controller can be wired to a Nintendo Switch or a Windows PC. 

The HORI comes with a remapping app that can allow up to six different configurations. The controller itself is currently limited to a Japanese release, and can be purchased for $230 or £180. Nintendo Life has stated that they intend to keep readers updated if the controller is due to come out in any other markets. Fans reacting to the news seemed very pleased that there is now a new option available for disabled players to be able to enjoy the games they love with less difficulty. 

This is just the latest in a pattern of accessible controllers being released for consoles. Xbox released its own Adaptive Controller with the intention of catering to players with limited mobility. Accessibility controllers are specifically designed to assure that disabled gamers can have a better, easier-to-use setup to enjoy playing. Elsewhere, developers are increasingly including more and more accessibility software in the games, highlighted recently in titles such as The Last of Us Part 2.

Accessibility controllers are crucial to making sure that gaming truly is for everyone, and now Nintendo Switch players have the opportunity to play in a more comfortable way. While the controller is currently limited in its market, there’s always a chance of it coming overseas. 

Learn more about accessible features in controllers in our article detailing the accessibility options of the PS5’s DualSense. 

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