James Gunn sings Daredevils praises

Ever since Daredevil made its official bow on Netflix last week, the show has been basking in well-earned critical acclaim. However, it can also count one of the key players in the MCU as a fan, with James Gunn taking to Facebook to sing the show’s praises.

Describing himself as a huge fan of the comics, Gunn admits he was initially nervous to see the character brought to the small screen, but goes on to concede that his fears were groundless and describes the series as “a huge Marvel event”.

“I have loved the character of Daredevil since I was a little boy,” says Gunn. “Outside of Batman, Daredevil probably has more great comic book arcs than any other character. So I was a bit frightened last night when I dug into the new Marvel’s Daredevil Netflix series…”

“Well, I love it,” he continues. “The cast is great. Charlie Cox is just awesome, and Elden Henson is about as an amazing a Foggy as I could have imagined. The fight sequences stand alongside Spartacus and Rome as some of the best TV fight sequences ever (so, the best TV fight sequences ever not performed in togas).”

“And the scripts have been touching and on point and true to the character. In the first few episodes, I cried twice: once in a scene between young Matt and battling Jack, and again when I realized this character I loved so much for so long had been brought to television with such spirit, love, and care.”

Praise indeed. If you’ve not already begun watching Daredevil, we’d second Gunn’s comments and urge you to get to it. You won’t be disappointed…

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