James Bond reports for duty in another trailer for Skyfall: watch online now

Skyfall opens in the UK imminently, and to tide you over another full-length trailer has been released.

This one doesn’t offer up much in the way of new clips, but does a decent enough job of shuffling the already released promo material into an impressive showcase.

If you look closely during the final montage, you can see frames snatched from new action beats. Although you might not want to look too closely, if you’re avoiding spoilers.

You’re advised to instead enjoy Javier Bardem’s sinister stylings as Silva, the villain of the piece. As a franchise baddie who’s smart, tough and ludicrously camp, he deserved to be savoured.

And Judi Dench’s M is in for a tough ride, with threatening computer messages forcing the MI6 ballbuster to ‘think on her sins’.

Watch the new Skyfall trailer now:

Skyfall opens in the UK on 26 October 2012.

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