Inversion release date set for spring

Two years and multiple delays later, Namco Bandai has finally locked in a launch date for Saber Interactive’s gravity-defying shooter, Inversion. The title, originally slated for 2010, will now arrive in North America on June 5 in North America, followed by a June 8 arrival in Europe.

“The extra development time for Inversion affords the team the opportunity to create an enjoyable and engaging third-person shooter experience with a comprehensive multiplayer component, including extensive competitive and co-operative modes,” said Namco Bandai in today’s announcement.

In development for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC, Inversion will let players wreak havoc on their environment and enemies via the multi-purpose, gravity-manipulating Grav Link device. The result is a mix of Matrix action in a RAGE-esque wasteland, with hints of the Inception hotel scene thrown in for good measure.

Of course, Inversion will ship with an equally topsy-turvy multiplayer, allowing players to gun down friends and strangers in an assortment of zero-G, post-apocalyptic environments. Read our impressions of that mode here.

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