I can never stop watching this Fortnite player get a three-kill Victory Royale with one shot

When you fire a shotgun in Fortnite (opens in new tab), the game individually simulates the path of each pellet – like a dozen or so tiny little bullets spraying out in an elongated cone. Sometimes that means you fire directly at somebody’s head and the game says “9 damage lol” as your pellets leave a cartoon outline around the target, especially before Fortnite season 5 (opens in new tab) tweaked that system, and sometimes it means you take out an entire squad of three and get possibly the most clutch Victory Royale in Fortnite history. The video above is an illustration of the latter situation (there’s some NSFW language, but just the kind of stuff you tend to hear when somebody goes from panicked to elated in 0.5 seconds). 

Let’s recap a few of the things that make this one-shot-three-kills finisher so amazing:

  • RichmondJake had already racked up 10 eliminations, which is pretty good by itself
  • He was the only survivor from his squad against a three-person team
  • He was left with 12HP and no shields after a narrow escape moments before
  • Shotguns don’t penetrate targets; the pellet grouping was just perfectly shaped
  • He jumped while doing it, which makes everything cooler

And because you know I always have the hookup for you, here’s the all-killer, no-filler gif version of the moment of glory. Really works well with that nice slow-motion effect Epic added to the Victory Royale screen.

I know I’ll never do anything that cool in the game (yes, I still suck at Fortnite (opens in new tab)) but at least I can savor those five-and-a-half seconds of somebody else doing something super rad for the rest of my life.

If you prefer more concrete goals than “do that cool shotgun thing,” check out our Fortnite Battle Pass Challenges guide (opens in new tab). 

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