How to get the Spider-Man PS4 Velocity suit

Many of you will want to know how to get the Spider-Man PS4 Velocity suit, and we don’t blame you because it looks frickin’ awesome. Spider-Man PS4 (opens in new tab) game has bequeathed Peter Parker with an enviable wardrobe, but each of the Spider-Man PS4 suits (opens in new tab) requires you to reach a level or story milestone before it unlocks, and then you’ll have to craft it using some of the six in-game resources: backpack, landmark, challenge, crime, research, and base. 

Usually each suit comes with an associated temporary power that you can activate by pressing L3 and R3 together. However, they’re not tied to any suit and can be mixed and matched so you can find your perfect combination of suit and power. The Velocity suit comes with the Blitz power, which lets you sprint a hell of a lot faster and allows you to run into enemies, knocking them flying with your momentum. You can also use any power unlocked by other suits while you’re wearing it, so it’s just as useful as the other costumes Peter has in his wardrobe. 

First you’ll need to get to level 33 to unlock the suit in your inventory. Then make sure you have two landmark, two backpack, and four challenge resources, which you’ll then use to craft the suit. Once all that is done the suit is yours for good, and you can use it when you’re taking on the big bads rampaging through Spider-Man’s fair city. There are a total of 27 suits to get, and Velocity falls squarely in the middle when it comes to how difficult it is to unlock. Getting the four challenge resources is the element that will take you the most time, as you’ll have to complete at least two sets of challenges well enough to get given two or three tokens for each one. That means reaching a certain score, which can require a couple of gos if you’re playing Spider-Man on its normal difficulty. Good luck on getting all the resources to get the Velocity suit! 

That’s not enough Spider-Man for you? Well, here’s some Spider-Man PS4 tips (opens in new tab) so you can make the most of your web-swinging escapades and if you really want to you can find out where all the Spider-Man PS4 secret photo locations (opens in new tab) are. Or find out how long is Spider-Man PS4?

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