HOT TOPIC Which Classic Kids TV Shows Would You Revive?

Tell us which piece of classic children’s telly from the past you’d bring back, and you could appear in the pages of SFX

5! 4! 3! 2! 1! Thunderbirds are go! Again. And not only are the Tracy brothers bringing their International Rescue ships back to TV in next year’s ITV show. Rodent spy Danger Mouse is also getting a 21st century makeover for CBBC next year, The Clangers are recolonising their small blue planet, and even uber-healthy superhero Bananaman is making a comeback (this time on the big screen).

Yes, revisiting kids’ TV of the past is very much in fashion at the moment – which, given the way the entertainment industry traditionally works, probably means there’ll be a lot more on the way soon. So what classic shows would you resurrect? And how would you reboot them? Does Superted deserve another chance to utter his secret magic word? Should Jamie get to shine his magic torch again? Let us know and your words could appear on the letters pages of a future issue of SFX .

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