Heres Rainbow Six Sieges brand new Year 5 Season 1 operators

Ubisoft has detailed the first two operators coming to Year 5 Season 1 of Rainbow Six Siege (opens in new tab), Void Edge.

Along with introducing Oryx and Iana, the team also revealed “a map rework of Oregon, gameplay updates, and more”. 

Netherlands-born Iana – described as coming from a “family of engineers” – is said to have excelled in academia after “busting out of the air force for reasons beyond her control”. “Stable, sure, and predictable”, she can confuse foes with a Replicator gadget that deploys a hologram that the player can directly control. When it comes to weapons, she offers both smoke and frag grenades and rocks the ARX 200 and G36-C assault rifles, but only carries MK1 9mm pistol in her secondary slot (thanks, PCGN (opens in new tab)).

Operation Void Edge kicks off Year 5 of #Rainbow6Siege with two new operators – Oryx and Iana, along with a map rework of Oregon, gameplay updates, and more. Learn all about the new gadgets, abilities, and map redesign at! 15, 2020

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The biggest shakeup arguably comes via Oryx (no, not that one (opens in new tab)), though. Without any gadget – making him the first operator not to have one – Oryx offers up not one but two abilities: Remah dash, which means he can dash-attack enemies and walls, and the ability to defy gravity and leap up through hatches. With either a bulletproof camera or barbed wire at his disposal, he has both the SPAS-12 shotgun or an MP5 SMG as primary weapons, and the Bailiff 410 revolver or a USP40 pistol in the secondary slot.

As for the Oregon rework? Admittedly, not everyone’s thrilled (opens in new tab) at the prospect of the upcoming changes, but for the most part, it’s just the basement that’s been remodelled. There we’ll find new stairs, a shiny new hallway, and a new section called the freezer, plus the laundry hatch has been relocated, too. 

Rainbow Six Siege: Year 5 is expected to release next month, although as yet Ubisoft has not confirmed the exact release date. We’re still unclear precisely when these operators will drop, but when they do, they’ll be available for no extra cost for those will the Year 5 pass. Players without a pass will have to unlock them separately.

An image detailing the contents of the Year 5 pass for Rainbow Six Siege (opens in new tab) popped up online a little while back. Whilst we wouldn’t usually take a single image on Reddit as gospel, a Ubisoft rep subsequently responded to the post and expanded a little on the upcoming changes, legitimising the leak. Details of the latest pass – not to be confused with the battle pass, of course – intimated we’ll see fewer Operators this time around, as well as the removal of the usual 600 R6 credits.

In other Rainbow Six Siege news, Ubisoft recently sued the owners of a website that it believes helped facilitate denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks organised to take down the servers it uses to run Rainbow Six Siege (opens in new tab).

 Ubisoft stated at the time that the individuals were “well aware of the harm” the company causes and insisted the “defendants have gone out of their way to taunt and attempt to embarrass Ubisoft for the damage its services have caused to [Rainbow Six Siege]”. 

“In order to maintain Ubisoft’s strong community of dedicated R6S players, Ubisoft has invested considerable time, money, and effort into ensuring that all of its players have a positive, fun, and rewarding experience each time they play R6S,” the lawsuit – which seeks damages and legal fee costs, as well as the closure of the websites concerned – stated. 

Looking for the latest on Rainbow Six Quarantine (opens in new tab)? We’ve got you covered, Operator.

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