Hearthstone Battlegrounds early access is here, but not for everyone just yet

Hearthstone Battlegrounds was announced at BlizzCon and will go into open beta on November 12, but it’s in early access right now. If you attended BlizzCon in person, purchased a virtual ticket, pre-purchased a Descent of Dragons card bundle, or join Twitch and watch any stream under the Hearthstone category, you can enjoy the game’s early access. 

Battlegrounds is a new, eight player auto-battling game mode for Hearthstone that’s somewhat similar to DOTA Auto Chest or Teamfight Tactics. You aren’t building a deck of cards, but an “ever-evolving board of Minions” according to the Hearthstone Battlegrounds official press release (opens in new tab). You begin each match by choosing a hero who will stick with you for the entire game before heading off to Bob’s Tavern to get some recruits. Members of your squad can be adjusted throughout the course of the game – feel free to buff, upgrade, or replace them as you see fit before setting up your board. 

Combat will send you into one-on-one battles against seven other players, with your Minions battling to the death. The Minions will take turns attacking, starting from the one furthest left and after each battle (if you aren’t knocked out) you’ll get a chance to return to the Tavern to make necessary adjustments before forging onward to determine who will be the best of eight.

Don’t worry if this brief explanation doesn’t help you, however, as the game includes a full tutorial. As mentioned earlier, you can get your hands on Hearthstone Battlegrounds a week ahead of the open beta if you attended BlizzCon physically or virtually, if you’ve pre-purchased one of two Descent of Dragons card bundles, or via Twitch. Log in or sign up to Twitch, link your Battle.net account in the settings menu, and ensure Twitch drops. Then simply watch a stream in the Hearthstone category and enjoy your early access. 

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