How to get all the Halo Infinite Nexus collectibles

There aren’t many Halo Infinite Nexus collectibles for you to find, but getting them will fill your database with even more lore. Nexus sees Master Chief and the Weapon delve into the Nexus facility within Zeta Halo to uncover it’s true nature. This mission has just two UNSC audio logs for you to locate, but it’s important that you don’t miss them if you want to get every collectible in Halo Infinite. Here are the locations for the Halo Infinite collectibles found in the Nexus mission.

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Halo Infinite Nexus collectibles locations

Halo Infinite Nexus campaign collectibles map screen

(Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

In the Nexus mission, there are just two UNSC audio log for you to collect. Both UNSC audio logs are obtained towards the end of this mission, so don’t panic if you think you’ve missed one as you probably haven’t. Follow this guide as you play to easily get them all. For any mission in Halo Infinite, you can see the number of each collectible type present in the mission and how many you’ve collected so far by opening the TacMap and looking at the information box towards the top-left corner of the screen.

Nexus UNSC audio log 1

Halo Infinite campaign nexus audio log hud audio log 1

(Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

The first UNSC audio log is very simple to get as you’ll get it automatically from playing the mission. You’ll eventually arrive in a large Forerunner room and get forced into a cutscene where the room powers up with blue holograms of spires and Zeta Halo itself. After the cutscene, you need to access the Nexus at a console so that you can begin trying to reactivate a lift. You’ll notice a green HUD readout appear that mentions decrypting a decoded message. Once this readout goes away, you’ll have the first audio log from the Nexus mission in your database.

Nexus UNSC audio log 2

Halo Infinite campaign nexus hologram room

(Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

The second UNSC audio log is in the same area. The hologram room has three doors – one on the left, middle, and right – and you need to head through the middle one.

Halo Infinite campaign nexus audio log 2

(Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

As you enter the next room, look left to spot a Forerunner weapon rack, and listen out for a beeping sound. Head over to the pillar next to the weapon rack and you’ll notice the audio log tucked behind it. The next few missions after the Nexus have a few collectibles too, including a couple of Halo Infinite Skulls, so look out for those as you play.

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