How to get a free Game of Thrones season 8 dynamic theme for your PS4 right now

Game of Thrones season 8 (opens in new tab) is rapidly approaching its conclusion, but the series can live forever on your PlayStation 4 home screen as a free, new dynamic theme. The theme is a collaboration between HBO and PlayStation Vue, and it depicts an animated dragon in both icy and fiery forms. You’ll need to put in a little more work to obtain the theme than just heading to the PlayStation Store and downloading it, though not by much. Here’s how to get yours if you live in North America (it looks like it isn’t available elsewhere, sadly).

  • Step 1: Go to this site (opens in new tab) and make sure you sign into PlayStation Network if you aren’t already.
  • Step 2: Watch the video all the way through (it’s only a minute long) and click “Redeem Here” once it’s over.
  • Step 3: Redeem the code you receive on the PlayStation Store and download it to your PS4.

To change your theme over to your cool new dragon pal, head to Settings then select Themes. If your download is complete, you should see it as an option. Select it and you’re good to go. Redeeming that code will also unlock 10 PSN avatars as a bonus, including some more dragons, the Night King, and the Iron Throne itself (which will probably look like a goth porcupine when people see the tiny version next to your display name).

If you want even more Thrones accouterments for your PS4, you can head back to the same site and watch another two videos: one will give you a code for seven House Sigil avatars, and the other for a set of 13 character avatars. Be the first kid on your block to get a brutal team kill while rocking a Samwell Tarly portrait!

Find more funky fresh ways to spruce up your home screen in our list of the best free dynamic themes for PS4 (opens in new tab). Or see what’s new in games and entertainment this week with our latest Release Radar video.

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